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Aloha Hobbies was created with a single purpose in mind: outstanding customer service.
Aloha Hobbies is a hobby shop specializing in radio control models in the State of Hawaii.
We support all forms of radio controlled airplanes, trucks, and cars. We carry all brands. We offer free flight lessons and free repair services.
We carry two new proprietary products: 1/5 race cars from FP Racing (made in Japan), and a new type of lithium polymer transmitter battery that can be charged as a nickle cadmium.


A new 1/5th scale front wheel drive race car 520Z

Front wheel drive.
Easy set-up.
Heavy duty & Powerful 2 stroke engine.
Great handling & Easy to drive.
90% assembled, radio and body not included.
Full disk brakes (Optional).
Low maintenance.
>>F.Planning japanese website Made in Japan
1/5th Scale Race Car


Li-Po Transmitter Batteries!

Lithum Polymer Transmitter Batteries.
Doesn't need a special lithum charger.
Up to 8 hours of continous play.
Built in circuitry allows you to charge with a standard
wall charger.

Li-Po Batteries Dynapower

 Open House of Pacific Aviation Museum
Ford Island, A friend and the staff.

Ryo Koike

his airplane

torque roll

RC Flight Show

On March 21, 2009, open house of Pacific Aviation Museum was performed in Pearl Harbor, Ford Island, State of Hawaii Oahu Honolulu, and an air show by the radio control airplane was held.

There was much Hawaiian VIP, and, as for the spectator, it was arrived by the great occasion of the scale more than 3,000.

A lot of news-related coverage was carried with the TV broadcast and newspaper by Honolulu advertiser and star Britain that were two large-sized newspapers which represented Hawaii.

It is Ryo Koike which is a former car racer to handle a radio control airplane. He feels a thing same as feeling of strain just before the start when did a car race, and is a stomach; when came to have a pain in it, comment on it.

He could put free-style performances of four minutes together in the light music of the Tsugaru samisen which was a Japanese representative musical instrument and showed an air show.

During his performance, the meeting place was excited by a lot of applause, and a surprising voice stopped in first highlight "torque roll" from a meeting place.

Wing: 8feet 9inches
Engine: 100cc Gasoline Engine

Ryo Koike and the cherished plane.

Here Ford island is the place that the Japanese Navy attacked on December 7, 1941, and this flight staff is people born in Hawaii besides Ryo Koike entirely, besides.

It is the first time that a Japanese participates in an air show here in Hawaii and feels an oppressive feeling as a Ryo Koike individual, and there was able to be strain in extremely various meanings.

Ryo Koike says in this way. I got applause from many people of the meeting place after a flight was over and felt like it having been told as a Japanese what beyond the border it was. I thank for what I raised on such a fine weather stage as a Japanese.
This is my Samurai Japan. Mahalo.

A flight in Hawaii

The video of the airplane is seen in the homepage of the Saito Seisakusho Co,Ltd.
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